The failure of our foreign policy on both the Afghanistan and

The law and law enforcers are not above this egocentricity. For anyone interested, a must read is Zimbardo Lucifer Effect. He the social psychologist who set up the Stanford Prison Experiment revealing how having power over others prison guards, police, judges and other do cruel behaviors.

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canada goose outlet jackets In more genuine democracies, elections are a choice between representatives of the people. In fake democracies, they are a choice between Democracy assumes that people are free. And feast on the unfree. He failed canada goose outlet online uk to strengthen ties with the military as an institution, instead relying on individuals a policy that has always backfired.Without any preparation, a treason case was initiated against Musharraf. Subsequently, Nawaz had to face the dharna. The failure of our foreign policy on both the Afghanistan and India fronts as well as the failure on NAP implementation are widely attributed to the civil military divide. canada goose outlet jackets

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